Sunday, February 14, 2016

Magical Creature Land: Part 3

[continued from part 2, here]

Deep in the bottom of the sea, past coral and seaweed and many strange creatures, she found the Encantado’s cave. Yellow Grass was eager to help. She said the spell was etched into a stone buried with rocks in shallow water. If they could reach it before the tide came in, they might be able to find it.
Green Grass Sweet swam to the shore as fast as she could. Returning to her human form, she ran with Unicorn Purple Sky and dragon BeeBee to the spot Yllow Grass had specified. As the tide crept in, they furiously rummaged through the rocks.
“I found it!” cried Unicorn Purple Sky. “This is it!” The friends held hands and read the spell together with their toes in the rising water. The Unicorn fell into the water, at least returning to her selkie-seal form.
“Huzzah!” cried the friends.
“Farewell Beebee! We’ll see you again soon!” the two selkies cried as they swam out into the sea, towards the setting sun, laughing and splashing as they dove deep into the water.

The End

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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Magical Creature Land: Part 2

[part one of the story found here]

Green Grass Sweet scrambled to put on the selkie coat Unicorn Purple Sky threw to her, and race towards the sea as rain drops splashed on her head. But before she was close to the waters edge, Star Monsters began to dive to the ground, in between the friends and the water.
Green Grass Sweet ran left. Unicorn Purple Sky ran right and flapped her wings to distract the monsters. Beebee blew great flames as he ran close behind Green Grass Sweet, warding off the monsters coming towards her.
Green Grass Sweet narrowly escaped the monsters with the help of her friends. Scrambling to get her arm into the sleeves of her selkie coat as she ran, she dove into the water, just in the nick of time.
As the waves crashed over Green Grass Sweet, her human form melted away and she began to smoothly glide through the water with her new seal flippers. She twirled and soared through the water, enjoying her new form.

Eventually she remembered her friends and emerged at the surface to show them it had worked, she’d become a seal! “Hooray!” cried the unicorn and dragon. “Now you can help me to turn back into a selkie too! You must find my friend, Yellow Grass. She is an Encantado, a dolphin who turns human on land. She has not come to the surface in a long time, so I have not been able to ask her where the spell that can turn me back into a selkie is hidden. You must find her cave and get the clues! “I will do my best,” cried Green Grass Sweet, as she dove beneath the water again.

to be continued . . . 

Friday, February 12, 2016

Magical Creature Land

Dear Eiley and Margot,

Sofia, Daniel and I have lots of fun imagining and playing together. Recently, we developed this story about Magical Creature Land. We thought you might enjoy reading it or acting it out, so we're sharing it with you hear, in installments, so you can get excited to find out what will happen next. We hope you enjoy playing it as much as we did!

Sofia, Daniel and Zoe

Magical Creature Land:
Part 1

Once upon a time, there was a purple unicorn named Unicorn Purple Sky. She entered the land of humans, called Earth.
Unicorn Purple Sky had been born as a selkie (a human that becomes a seal in water), but a star monster did not like selkies, so it turned her into a unicorn. She missed her selkie life so much. She at least wanted to see a selkie.
She ran through the forests of earth until she was spotted by a kind young girl who befriended her. The young girl, Green Grass Sweet discovered her new friend was no ordinary horse, she was a unicorn!
Unicorn Purple Sky invited Green Grass Sweet into Magical Creature Land, where she was queen. She explained that in her land, she had the power to transform Green Grass Sweet into a selkie if she wished. Green Grass Sweet had always wanted to live in the sea, so she eagerly agreed.
Waving her wand, Unicorn Purple Sky brought them into Magical Creature Land. The sky was purple. The sea was black. The grass was yellow.
Selkies and unicorns fed on the yellow grass, which tasted like lemon. The grass helped the unicorns produce a healing tea that tasted like peach and was poured out of their horns.
Unicorn Purple Sky warned Green Grass Sweet of the star monsters before she entered the sea and became a selkie. They appeared as creature constellations in the night sky. But when it began to rain, the weight of the water brought the star monsters down, riding on rain drops.
Star monsters do not like selkies who can explore the sea freely while they are confined to the sky. So they try to catch selkies on land and trap them there by transforming them into unicorns, which they believe are more beautiful.
Unicorn Purple Sky suddenly stopped and became silent. Her horn also worked as a radio antennae, and when she heard a beautiful song come through to her head, she would flap her wings, amplifying the music, and begin to dance along. Green Grass Sweet also loved the music coming from her new friend’s wings, so she joined into the dance.
Out from the forest emerged a tiny adorable dragon, attracted by the music. Without a word, but with a great smile, he joined the dance as well. After all their delightful dancing, they took a rest and introduced themselves to each other. The dragon’s name was Beebee.
“I’m hungry after all that dancing!” cried Beebee. Knowing how much dragon’s love gold, Unicorn Purple Sky and Green Grass Sweet gathered together a picnic of yellow grass for themselves, golden cheddar crackers for Beebee, and healing peach tea from the alicorn, sweetened with golden honey for them all.
“Uh oh!” cried Unicorn Purple Sky. Drip. Drop. Drip. It was beginning to rain. In all the fun of their dancing, a picnic and new friend, they had forgotten about the danger of the star monsters.

To be continued . . .