Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Hello, long lost lobster!

Dear Emily,

wow. It has been just ages. Ages upon ages since we've caught up. And not just you and I. It's nothing personal, because I feel out of touch with EVERYONE these days. And the strange thing is, we're going through so much in common right now, you can probably commiserate and celebrate with me in ways no one else can so precisely, and yet, it's been impossible to go through all that together - given 3000 miles of distance, and the overwhelm that hangs over at least my existence these days in being pregnant.

So, we're both preggers! AND our due dates are just one day apart. What are the chances that college roommates would find themselves so in sync?!?! You're having a little girl, whom you've already named. I'm having a little boy, and we are still brainstorming name possibilities. :/

Baby Boy "Gonnit" at 20 weeks
Last pregnancy, I was so faithful to journal every detail every week. I've barely noted a thing this time around other than that a) I am pregnant and b) it's a boy. So - I'll use catching up with you [and others] here as a way to note a thing or two. This pregnancy has felt entirely different from the very start. I was way more dizzy and achey with Sofia. I was once so dizzy that Manny had to come rescue me - even though I had our one car, and was an hour's drive away. He had to take a bus to a Bart train to another bus to reach me. Good husband! This time, I'm mostly tired. so. very. tired. Both first trimesters brought persistent 24/7 nausea, both wore me out. But this one has really had me down for the count. I wasn't twiddling my thumbs last time - I was finishing my masters thesis and degree, working at a hospital, moving across state. But this time, chasing a toddler proves to be much more exhausting than ALL of that other stuff combined. Thank the Lord God above that just as I got pregnant, Sofia finally started discovering imaginary play in a whole new INDEPENDENT way! But still, the poor girl was often shaking me and shouting at me to wake up from falling asleep on the couch while she played down below. I promise I was always listening, even with eyes closed. One unfortunate similarity to my last pregnancy was that this first trimester bleh lasted a good 4-5 months. But it did eventually clear. I'm not exactly overflowing with energy now, but I am now more than just a blob on a couch. I'm a giant blob waddling all over the place, occasionally on the couch, occasionally managing to cook dinner, do a load of laundry, get Sofia out and about. With Sofia, I had placentia previa which moved out of the way and in the process caused placentia abruptia, nearly killing her during delivery and potentially harming me in the process. This time, all things are growing in their proper places, free and clear! Last time, after feeling overburdened by all the eating restrictions, I then wound up having a "slight glucose intolerance." Having it in San Diego, where I've found they are WAY more strict about what you consume than out here in Maine, meant that previous doctor cut out anything that hinted at carbohydrate or sugar and I about lost it. This time, somehow, my glucose tolerance is just fine, and even though I'm gaining WAY more, my doctor is simply enthusiastic about my "healthy growth." he he. I like Maine! This baby boy, who Sofia has affectionately named, "Gonnit," or for long, "R2-D2 Googol Gonnit Reyes," is a serious squirmer. I remember Sofia also being pretty active, so perhaps that's not too different, but this lil boy is bigger, and perhaps a bit stronger. His kicking reminds me he's coming. It seems harder to remember this time, with everything going on in life besides pregnancy. I'm working for my dad, working for my church [group ministries leader], doing a homeschool preschool co-op for Sofia with two other families. Most of the time I feel overwhelmed and unprepared for this transition. I wonder why on earth we're starting over again at ground zero, with tummy time and diapers and teething and sleeplessness. Other times, I am so glad that we will have a little baby to snuggle again, to discover again, to watch grow up. I think some of my happiest moments are when I see how excited Sofia gets for his arrival, though out of stubbornness, she often looks up slyly into my eyes and says, "I'm kissing HER." She is full of plans for how they'll play together, all she'll teach him, how she'll keep him from running out into the street without holding a grown-up's hand. And most of all, she's so full of kisses for him. She's in for many rude awakening, I fear, and I also think that after overcoming some reality bites, she's going to be a great big sister.

And that's pretty much all I can think of to say about this entire pregnancy [last time I had a whole blog full of posts! The second-child syndrome already begins . . . ]. Tell me all about yours! How have you been feeling? How is Eiley feeling about being a big sister? etc. etc.

It was hard not to think about our time in Berkeley this January, while we were buried under snow, instead of taking leisurely walks in 70 degree weather with t-shirts on. Remember Sofia and Eiley holding hands while we ambled down the block? Since we last saw each other, when we got to spend a week being "room" mates again for a week in Berkeley with our girls, we've both moved. How is your new place? I fear our move has made the most difference to Manny, who used to be able to walk to work and didn't used to have to mow a lawn or snow-shovel a driveway. I also miss our proximity to more walkable destinations we used to have, and the free heat, but otherwise, I love our house and yard.

Our first house
Obviously, we've not really been keeping up the blog. Have you been finding other creative outlets? My writing dried up pretty thoroughly there for awhile, until I wrote my grandfather a eulogy when he passed away this last December. I'm only just barely getting back to even journaling, but it feels good to get words down again. I was focussing more on my photography there for awhile, until pregnancy exhaustion made the thought of even just lifting the camera too overwhelming. That's coming back slowly lately. I may be having the most consistent fun just crafting with Sofia. She is full of such delightful creativity, it's impossible not to have a blast making things with her. Lately, she's taking her own initiative. She was giving me crafting instructions yesterday and I asked if she was being my art teacher, she said "No, I'm the project teacher!" She found the materials, laid out the instructions, and executed the whole project herself. It was, shall we say, an interesting outcome, but an adorable process to witness. It looks, from facebook, like you and Eiley have fun crafting together too. Wish we could team up - head to a quilt store [in better shoes this time ;) ] and plop down for a full week with out girls like we did the first week we spent together, making our pillows.

Well that's more than enough about me. Your turn. Fill me in, Lobster!