About Zoe and Emily

Blog readers, meet Zoe. Zoe, Blog readers.

by Emily

I love lists. You’d have figured that out after about a week of this blog, but I thought I’d be up front with you, Lobsters. So I could think of no better way to introduce my friend Zoe than a top seven* list of things I love about her. Ready? Go.

7. She has the most magnificent mane of curls you’ve ever seen. I realize this is a silly reason to love a person, but it’s true. Oh, I also love her freckles – does that make this a valid point? Ah well, at least it’s the number seven reason I love her and not number one. 
Proof of Points 7, 6, and 4
6. She makes pretty babies. Okay, she only has one. And this also seems like a weird reason to love someone, but follow my logic: Zoe is one of my best friends. Best friends share things like pictures of their children. Therefore, I see a lot of pictures of Sofia. I love that I don’t have to pretend to think she’s cute. Makes my life easier, you know?

5. She is encouraging. If I ever write a book, she’s going to have to be one of the top people I dedicate that sucker to because no one, not even my own super supportive mother, has expressed a desire that I pursue that goal more than Zoe. And that’s totally just one example of her encouragement.

4. She has a strong relationship with her family. I don’t know about you, but it makes me happy to see a friend who admires her husband (Dr. Manny Reyes, future professor of mathematics at Bowdoin College, guitar player, video game extraordinaire, all around great, humble guy), adores her child (Sofia Arabella, age five months, basically the cutest), and continuously speaks positively about her parents, sister, and in-laws. Not to say that she doesn’t have any problems ever with any of them, but I know that even if Sofia poops on her, Zoe still loves her like whoa. I guess in some way this makes me feel secure in our friendship too – sometimes I feel like I’m pooping on her with my problems. More on that later.

3. She’s smart. She graduated early from Westmont College with a double major in English and Philosophy, and she also obtained her Masters in Social Work from CSU: East Bay. And if degrees don’t impress you, just trust me. She’s intelligent every single day.

See? Smart. This is not a costume, folks.
2. She’s creative. She’s a writer, a photographer, a pot painter (like a flower pot, not weed), a cook, a quilter, a singer, and a collector of salt and pepper shakers. I’m sure there’s more, but those are the creative pursuits I connect with Zoe off the top of my head. 
1. She’s wise. Once upon a time, I dated a guy on and off for over four years. To way oversimplify things, we were not good for each other, and Zoe lovingly told me that we were not good for each other. Many, many times. I did not listen to her (hence feeling like I’ve pooped on her emotionally). After I ended things with him, I swore to myself that I would listen to Zoe the next time she explicitly gave me advice. Well, about five months later I had a huge crush on a guy in my office, and I wanted to ask him to hang out. She told me not to and said that I needed to be pursued for once. Kicking myself for swearing I’d listen to her, I did not ask him to hang out and figured nothing would ever come of the crush if I wasn’t the instigator. I mean, he was really hot and I was really me. But now I’m having his baby. You can fill in the blanks there and marvel at Zoe’s sagacity. Again, that’s just an example. Sometimes I feel like I have my own personal  therapist, and I’m thankful for that. I think a lot of this comes from her strong relationship with Jesus, which is also an awesome attribute.
Doesn't she just ooooooze wisdom?
I guess I’ll share Zoe though. You can be her friend too, Lobsters. You’re welcome.

*I could have come up with way more, but I didn't want to put anyone to sleep.