Sunday, February 14, 2016

Magical Creature Land: Part 3

[continued from part 2, here]

Deep in the bottom of the sea, past coral and seaweed and many strange creatures, she found the Encantado’s cave. Yellow Grass was eager to help. She said the spell was etched into a stone buried with rocks in shallow water. If they could reach it before the tide came in, they might be able to find it.
Green Grass Sweet swam to the shore as fast as she could. Returning to her human form, she ran with Unicorn Purple Sky and dragon BeeBee to the spot Yllow Grass had specified. As the tide crept in, they furiously rummaged through the rocks.
“I found it!” cried Unicorn Purple Sky. “This is it!” The friends held hands and read the spell together with their toes in the rising water. The Unicorn fell into the water, at least returning to her selkie-seal form.
“Huzzah!” cried the friends.
“Farewell Beebee! We’ll see you again soon!” the two selkies cried as they swam out into the sea, towards the setting sun, laughing and splashing as they dove deep into the water.

The End

 . . . for now . . . 

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